Food for thought…… Happy Super Mother’s Day! (1/3)

I’m grateful to all my readers who have been my inspiration and have crossed more than two thousand two hundred views! And to add to it, me a budding blogger received a pleasant mail from Mr.Blake, the Black Ivory Moghul himself! (See the comment on that article!)

Going to take a break from coffee and do a bit of philosophy. I have a short series of articles where I’ve tried to blend Mother Nature with Prayer, Humanity, and Violence. The last one is a short story.


If a picture speaks thousand words, Mother Nature speaks infinitely to those who want to see or listen. This was the two hibiscus flowers (Dasavala poo or Chembarathi) on the same plant in my home garden on the morning of Saturday, Sept 29th 2013. This exquisite translucent white flower species (delicate/silky/supple like baby’s butt) is not a hybrid but a native variety hence no human influence. The plant is around 20 years old & bears white flowers most of the time. Rarely, you can see a touch of pink here & there but I’ve never seen a perfect blend like this before!!

To summarize the way I look at: The white part of the flower is the God almighty, the pink in different hues symbolizing us human beings (& perhaps our religions), blending in perfect harmony. Mother Nature is telling us that if all the religions (& humanity) are like beautiful precious pearls, GOD almighty is the thread that holds the pearls together in a beautiful string. While a string of pearl is cherished / admired by everyone, a single pearl just sits in the vault of a miser waiting for its chance to see the daylight once in a blue moon!! IMG_4815

Prayer is the most powerful tool on earth & mass prayer can send vibrations far & wide if it is done for peace. In the time of crisis the first thought that comes to any normal mind is the prayer. No matter the colour, creed or religion, prayer is a prayer, for the very spark of life that makes us alive is the spark from God almighty which is common in any creation. Let us pray in unison, stand together to help us in Conserving/Preserving mother of all mothers, our Super Mother. Drawing the strength from God & peaceful mind (from payer) let us work towards our goal.

On the contrary Violence is against the laws of nature no matter in any form. Animals kill to eat not for pleasure/fun & once their stomach is full they wait till the next meal to kill again. Animal killing is to balance the nature but human violence is the dark side of humanity & to fulfill the rotten egos & psyche of individuals. Violence from a disturbed mind is as bad as an atom bomb. Atom bomb when dropped is not selective on who it kills, but cause massive destruction to the entire creation.


Then again just pray & do nothing is also not sufficient. Mahatma Gandhi aptly said that, acts of kindness to a single heart are better than a thousand heads in payer. Sympathy & its big sister Empathy are the back bone of humanity. Unfortunately we humans come together only at the time of crisis, otherwise it’s my way or highway!! Be it a large crisis or an individual crisis, human reaction is the same. Be it the Westgate Mall in capital city like Nairobi or a small University town like Bloomington (Indiana) or any small office in the Middle East, every one opens their heart & mind & willing to do anything possible. May be in any form/kind – blood, prayer, food, anything at all….. This shows that humanity is not extinct after all. I SALUTE THOSE WHO STAND UP AT THE TIME OF CRISIS & SHOW THEIR TRUE BEAUTIFUL COLOURS. However, not only during the crisis but also in normal or happier times we should learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature & the entire creation. Even though we don’t realize, everything in Mother Nature is inter-connected. We may not be related but we can verily relate to one another.

Preserving Mother Nature is nothing but saving ourselves & our future generation in return. Sadly, because of our ignorance & selfishness, knowingly/unknowingly we have been using, misusing & abusing her, as if sucking out juice from the sugarcane. Time is running out, we don’t have all the time to make each & every mistake & learn from it. High time we join hands & work for the welfare of the world. Let us learn from the past mistakes… & act now. Let us learn to live in harmony & coherence. We can do it & we should do it… The trillion dollar question is, should we wait for the bigger crisis or disaster to come together? How much time do we really have remaining? Clock is ticking… like the time bomb….

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