Amazing Mother Nature……. Witnessing the process of cycle of creation with naked eye!

If I tell that one can witness the entire process of cycle creation (including death) with our naked eye in the span of 8 hours, without a camera, how many would agree with me? Probably None… have I gone bonkers?  Well I am indeed nuts… but over Mother Nature… the most beautiful lady in the entire universe.. I don’t mean the bikini clad size 34-32-36 inch…. Hmmmm… She is a mystery which we mortals cannot understand in our life time. By the time we learn to love and try to understand her, unfortunately it will be time for us to kick the bucket. Anyways if we look around and if we have patience, Mother Nature has provided us with a chance to witness everything… only we have to learn to put two into two together. We all agree that God almighty is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, no gender. God is beyond any attributes of form, colour, shape, yet is the most compassionate, full of love, kindest of kindest, friendliest of friendliest, beautifullest of the beautifullest, most merciful, etc., etc., left to one’s own vocabulary of imagination. Yet we cannot see, smell or feel God because our antenna is not tuned properly. God is not limited or belong to one individual but we all the entire creation in the universe belongs to God almighty. God is something only you can experienced…. Perhaps a highly evolved soul can see or hear god… since I don’t have any friends or family in that ranking I really can’t tell how it works!!

However it’s very easy to see God in our day to day life. We can see God with the beautiful things all around us like the trees, flower, different living beings including us the perfect machinery ever created, the melody, as only a beautiful entity like God is capable of creating such vast beauty. We can smell the beautiful fragrance through flowers, leaves, etc. We can see the power in the form of earth quake, flood, the sun, moon, river, ocean, each and everything. When we think of god in general always look up… may be mentally picturing a place beyond human imagination as we are not even capable of comprehending the existence of such a place. Our physical powers are limited and we cannot even stretch our hand beyond 6 to 6.5 feet on our own… even if we jump!! And our mental power is limited to picture only what we know or seen or heard!! Going back to basic, god almighty has manifested to make us bird brains understand in the form of Mother Nature. She is the God with attributes. Without her donation, tolerance, patience we cannot survive in this world. She nurtures us from birth to death and when we are dead again she accepts us… no matter who we are. She also has mechanism to teach us everything provided we are willing to learn… it is said that you can take a horse to water but can’t make it drink… so inspite of the presence if we are not willing to understand then we cannot simply say that it is not there.

So what is that the cycle of creation I am talking about… well you have to see my next blog… when I first saw it years ago I was in middle school but it took all these years for me to understand the beauty of it… (And now I’m officially a grandmother as of 09/10/2013!!)

I dedicate this article to the entire female species of the universe whom I consider the manifestation of Mother Nature  in a lesser form…… the one who is capable of playing a major role in creation and nurturing the living being. perhaps the only certainty after birth and death…..

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