Magic of Rain, Wind & Sunshine : Beauty explosion!

After living in Kuwait for more than a quarter century, spring of 2014 is the first time I have seen a huge explosion of colours in February/March. The natural beauty par excellence created by Mother Nature around the city was just awesome, a refreshing sight to sore eyes. Al-Arfaj (Rhanterium epapposum) Kuwaiti national flower with other beauties sprang out everywhere between the tiles, gap in the wall, wherever there was little life support… Even though from far it just looked yellow, it had different types like single petal, multi-petal, light yellow, dark yellow, etc. There were native plum red flower looking as if made out of paper, mauve & yellow flowers.. mauve …. large leaved wild mustard plants … There were thorny plant with little mauve flowers spreading out.. little white flowers.. grass.. loads of wild plants.. Perhaps medicinal.. edible… There were supposed to be desert lavenders which I never had the privilege to witness…

Day after day going to work & on the way back it lifted my spirit, skipped a heartbeat & I never had enough of it. They had their own rooting selection too… if the plum red dominated the middle partition of the highway; yellow flowers dominated the sides of the road looking sexy specked all over the grass. Particularly eye catching was opposite to MEW Tower, little flowers beaming with pride, looking beautiful, natural & happy without any direct human intervention!!

It looked as if they are smiling at you & in front of the magnetism/charm of the little wild flowers, rows & rows of the planted large colourful flowers dwarfed/dulled. With that came the battalion of butterflies, bees & moths. Most of the butterflies are the same colour as the sand.. some had little flashes of bright colours. The flowers looked unusually beautiful because of its sandy background. Wonder if next year the flowers will multiply with ample supply of seeds or simply vanishes?

Suddenly bird population & their happy chirping seem to be increased. With ample supply of Al-Arfaj, I saw a sparrow nest built of fresh plants… wish I could see them at work.. bugs scurried along.. Mr. Camel smiled at me too.. Its happy time… I wonder what made the flowers bloom in such large number. Whatever it is, it was an amazing experience, felt like as if it was created especially for me!!

Visiting the valley of flowers is my long desired passion & looking at the flowers around I thought this might be the preview/trailer of Mother Nature’s magic. It’s hard to comprehend how a multimillion times explosion of different coloured flowers would look like? Perhaps it would be like sighting the God… a pilgrimage I have to postpone to summer of 2015 as I have a strong feeling that drinking ocean of beauty, I am going to have heart attack & die!!

Also first time I saw the cousin of date & coconut, a lovely bunch of palm flower in ivory shade. And I got lucky when I tried to get a picture there was this proper dark gray bee with a black dot sucking the nectar. Gray bee!!!

I have posted a picture of dates bunches so pretty & plenty but not edible!!???????????????????????????????  139  20140210_073856 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_3646 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  IMG_8283 IMG_8311??????????????????????????????? P1010875 IMG_6705???????????????????????????????

4 thoughts on “Magic of Rain, Wind & Sunshine : Beauty explosion!

  1. Dear Blogger,

    We see millions of things in our daily life/routine but we never notice what we have around. You know why? We have to be passionate about nature but unfortunately we are not one of them like you. Your passion about nature is unspeakable. As a regular reader of your blog ! I must thank you for posting plenty of articles to rise our general knowledge.

    Keep your spirit alive and share your valuable knowledge and experience with us.
    Thank you and have a great life ahead. See you in next blog. Desperately waiting for new blog !!!!!!

    • Dear Mr.Mubasshir,
      Thank you for taking time to read my blog and encouraging me. I am progressing forward only with encouragements from my readers like you. I wish I could get better pictures & I have to improve my photography skills too.
      Have a nice day.
      See you soon with my next posting

  2. Only a very few went gaga over the yellow blossoms that carpeted Kuwait this year..Was surprised that no big deal of this was made even by the local media. Just goes to show that no one has the time to stop, look and admire the stuff that bring pure joy to the eyes and mind; Your blogs capture the earthly flavour and kindles in us a desire to look around ! Keep writing !

  3. Dear Ms.Anjana,
    Thank you for the comments.
    I fully agree with you that no one has the time… just busy… busy… with the expensive Toy called Mobile. If only they could understand that the way climate is changing, the days are not very far away that we would be going to museums to view most of the extinct plants and flowers which we are taking for granted today.
    I am glad & consider its worth all my effort… at least one person like you could read/view!


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