Inedible dates

08.08.14: I convinced my husband to take me to the beach for a walk on a Friday morning… he agreed reluctantly with a condition that it will be only for half an hour & if it is very hot we will leave. 5:45 am & at 30+ Celsius we headed to beach. There were quite a few people in the beach already. A lovely couple, who had to spring out when the sprinkler suddenly came on…some fully clothed women enjoying a dip.. speed boats & ski boats dotting the water. The air was fresh & I could smell the ocean.

The beach is lined with scores of date trees; almost all of them loaded/pregnant with bunches & bunches of dates but sadly it is not edible. There was a solo tree with red dates. Not again! Red & me get into trouble, was my thought.

Luckily we stayed longer than half an hour thanks to the stray cats having bath in the sprinkler that had charmed my husband & sadly I missed the sight!! Meanwhile, red did not bring any bad luck to me after all.

I was trying to get pictures of the inedible dates which hung in bunches as well as to get shots of some birds like sparrow, etc… I already have plenty of pictures of the dates but somehow it always attracts me. This time it was a different thing. There were some yellow dates, smooth as a baby’s butt, smiling in-between the hundreds of green, cutely shaped, & wall-paper dates…it seemed like the dates were teasing me & inviting me to try them. Out of curiosity I plucked two yellow dates covered with plenty of dust. Against all the odds, I pop it into my mouth after cleaning with tissue. Wow! It tasted so yum… better than the box of dates I had picked up from the super market the previous day. It brought a smile to me, I thought it’s the other side of the midnight & every rule has an exception. Thought I would give one to my husband to check his reaction.

Then the thought of smiling yellow dates brought the memories of those unlucky children & the hundreds of children who never grow to be normal, robbed of their childhood due to so many reasons like poverty, human trafficking, raping, etc. so sad indeed.

It also remind me that even though the world might see one too many cruel things happening, there will always be some good left in the world no matter what.

I tried the red date too, but it was bland, slightly hard & simply did not taste good. Even though I did not get any lesson, I still thanked God almighty for teaching me so many things in my life in such short period. But colour red has something to do with everything around… perhaps because each & every human being has the invisible red colour within making it the prime colour of creation!!

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