Who am I? A Bug? A Martian? A Desert Warrior?

My name is … sorry take a guess. This amazing architecture is part of my home…. See the array of colours. I am an immigrant in Kuwait with permanent visa. I came from all the way from Red Sea in Saudi Arabia by road and I still love food from Saudi. But I don’t mind Kuwaiti food too. I can teach a lesson or two on survival including harmony. The lovely lady Mother Nature is my teacher & harmony is my language and very existence. I don’t have a degree from the university… yet I am self-sufficient and I am one of the MOST important parts of evolution!! Oh boy summer in Kuwait is too hot 50 plus Celsius and I have to take bath every day and need water for my survival… Do you take bath every day?

nature mystery mars martian ants inscet

Even though most of you have seen my cousins from time to time I bet with you guys… you haven’t seen me….. no way… this is my MAIDEN appearance… Lalalala….I know everyone is busy with RAT-RACE of life & whatsapp.. still take a break and Guess who am I?!?!?!?!?

Keep guessing till you see more pictures and writing about me… until then Sayanora.

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