Tippu Series Part 8: Why the “HERO” term?

His hunger for expansion reflected on the great seal of Tipu found in Major Alex Dirom’s comprehensive account of the Third Mysore War published as early as 1793 in London, The translation reads: “I am the Messenger of the true faith. “I bring Unto you the Edicts of Truth. “From CONQUEST & the Protection of the Royal Hyder, comes my tide of SULTAN & the world under the Sun & Moon is subject to my Signet.”

Tippu wanted to replace Kannada with Persian language… our beautiful Kannada language is one of the oldest languages… recently joined the rank of the oldest living language in Guinness Book of Record. Said to be in use for more than 2500 years. “Siri Kannadam gelge” Jai Bhuvaneshwari mate (thank you for sharing your name with me). Tipu Sultan & his father Hyder were no real manninamagas (“sons of the soil”) as claimed by lawyer turned politician held position both in state & central governments in 1999. How a Persian became true sons of the soil.. only Karnataka politicians can come up with such cruel jokes!! Another one went further with proposal to name Bangalore International airport after Tippu. LoL… some politicians snore during session… Karnataka has managed to produce some real cari-creatures for politicians!!

Many consider him a hero based on the theory that he fought against the British. Their attitude seems to rest everything including barbarism as collateral damage!?! Was this contention true or was it a one way traffic… if he was against white-man why did he invite the French, another white-race? What is the different between French & British? Doesn’t that actually MAKE HIM THE BIGGEST TRAITOR OF INDIA? He risked his life to fight with English & defeat them so that he can fulfill his own dream of becoming Padshah!! {Padshah is a superlative royal title, composed of the Persian “pad” (master) & the widespread shah (king) roughly equivalent to the ancient Persian notion of “The Great” or “Great King”}.

The renowned historian & one of my relatives, Dr. Ichettira. M. Muthanna, says in his Tipu Sultan X-Rayed that Tipu was a traitor as he invited the French to invade India. The letter, dated April 21, 1797, written by Tipu & classified as No. 4 in the Persian File of Records, & quoted by Muthanna in his book, reads:

“Citizen Representatives:

Since I manifested my friendship in writing to you, my messengers have arrived with the following intelligence which will not be displeasing to you.

“The Nizam, an ally of the English, & the Chief of the Mughals, is very ill & his age leaves no prospect of his recovery. He has four children who are disputing the right of succession. One of them is much attached to me, (he) is the favourite of the chiefs of the people & is expected to succeed him.

“I inform these events in order to prove to you that it is now the moment for you to invade India. With little trouble we shall drive the British out of India. Rely on my friendship.

“Your ally (Sd) Tipu Sultan.”

At this juncture Before I proceed further I would like to ask an important question to my fellow countrymen… hope someone comes up with the right answer… was Tippu Sultan really an Indian to begin with? His originless Grandfather came hitch-hiking perhaps as a porter with some businessman before landing in Kolar. So that makes Tippu a Second Generation illegal-immigrant. Hence he was as much a foreigner as the British who were there before him. If Tippu is acceptable as a hero, then why did Britishers have to leave India? Other than the skin colour what else did the Barbarian, Tipu have in common with Indians? Hyder himself claimed descent from the Arabs. Tippu had strong Persian obsession. What a mangling of Indian history… OMG. This is what is called MAYA (illusion)….

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