So how is Manhattan connected to these events?

Manhattan seems to showcase every aspect of life condensed in an Island. Hudson River forms Manhattan island by splitting into two as East & West. It’s a place where usual & unusual, walk hand in hand. Manhattan accommodates everyone from Homeless to mansion dwellers, along with the super talls/slenders skyscrapers. It’s a place where people even go to cuddle joints get cuddles & hugs… It’s where the UN is situated & just across the UN building rests the Roosevelt Island, spectacle to the 4-Visions spoken out by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941 at the State of the Union address*. UN with 139-member body yet controlled by five (like the Panchendryas – 5-Sense organs & fingers of the hand which control the trigger), a body by itself stands tall witnessing the destruction of the creation, millions of dead bodies, the innocent collateral damages &, the victims of circumstances. Just like the blind Kuru King Dritarastra, powerful yet powerless, & his wife the voluntary blind (just like the Greek Goddess Justitia, the Lady of justice, blindfolded, sword in hand still trying to balance herself without expression on her face)

The River Hudson, a tidal estuary which flows both upstream & downstream mixing the fresh & salt waters depending upon the tide.

Manhattan is the most important Financial district in the world which can influence the Worldwide markets. It’s where babies & dogs are treated equal if not better !Where women are obsessed with their nails & hair, both dead parts of the body! A place where things are legally illegal & illegally legal! – for example drugs are not legal yet there are shops where whole load of drug paraphernalia  made of glass to crystal to metal is sold!! In Bryant Park, if you hang on for a while after a concert, you can get intoxicated by simply breathing the air!!

The word Manhattan means “The place where we get bows’, in the Munsee language, for a stand of hickory trees at the lower end so ideal for the making of bows that was grown throughout the length of the Hudson River. Before their journey of incognito, Pandavas hid their magnificent unparalleled celestial weapons (particularly the bows & arrows of Arjuna) obtained from the Devas on a Shala/Sami tree, a place safe & handy to retrieve when needed. Those were the same weapons used during the war.

So when is the D-day going to happen? It did not seem far away…

I thought I am not reaching anywhere with all these data moving in my head… how much of my thoughts were really true? Wanted to wake my husband & talk something so that I could clear my mind but he was fast asleep & had no heart to trouble him. I am neither religious nor can honestly pray for even one minutes & why am being pulled into this? I have not had a horoscope made for me or any of my children… I am practically ignorant of everything….

Does Sahara boss’s jail indicate the previous birth of Sri Vishnu as Krishna born in a jail? Nothing was related to anything yet everything was being pumped into my mind.. as if everything were signs clearly visible to naked eyes… I felt like Mr. Monk in the movie “Life or something like it”…. Telling God is coming… God is coming… then I realized his origin is a piece of puzzle toooo… it was strange & funny…

I thought of the horse shoe shaped building, as I heard that Jews (Yehudi – of Yahudha tribe) are of Indian origin. They are supposed to have migrated from Bharata after the Great War, whom Arjuna had lead more than 5-thousand years ago, as instructed by Sri Krishna… Yadhus (modern decedents are called Yadavas).. the people from Sri Krishna’s Kingdom… oh boy where am I leading to? Interestingly Sri Krishna’s maternal uncle Kaansa had cursed Yadhus to be persecuted throughout their future, for supporting his would be assassin Sri Krishna. No matter what, how much persecution & hardship, like Phoenix the fire bird, the Jews will always bounce back & remain powerful, have control & say in the world affairs directly or indirectly!! They are said to be freed from the curse after the return of Sri Krishna to earth. Perhaps the old bond still keeps India & Israel in close relationship to this day & India is the one country which never persecuted Jews!! Even scores of distressed youngsters from Israel head to India in search of Peace. Maybe that is why Judaism, unlike other religions from the region do not have the concept of conversions. Maybe its an  inheritance from their Indian past? A DNA test should confirm!

So everything is linked & everything has a reason in this world… no wonder everything & everyone is related to everyone & everything. I wanted my thought flow to change its direction to its original self. A cocktail or religions – Muslim – Hindus & now Jews…

I realized that the word Kalki, the next birth of Sri Vishnu is not going to be his name. It’s just an indication of the Avatara of Sri Vishnu. Kalki is made up of two words “Kal & Ki”. In India, the word “kal” means both yesterday & tomorrow & “ki” is an adjective meaning belongs to. So what was yesterday will be tomorrow. Is the reversal/same form of the same.. Hence, the Vishnu who came yesterday meaning previously will come tomorrow meaning future. No wonder Sri Krishna was termed as the first psychologist of the universe who has to incarnate again to uplift the crashed psyche… Once the Kaliyuga ends, the time will slip back to Dvapara yuga bringing a better tomorrow.

Mahabharata happened in a different scope or level of intelligence communication & physical capabilities. Their capabilities were different, unknown to us rather unperceivable to us, so much so many call them Aliens!! Mahabharata or Kurukshetra War did not happen because Sri Krishna wanted to get the Kingdom back to Pandavas. Pandavas were capable of earning it themselves. He came because the morale at that time was in steep decline & oppression on the children & women were too high. History repeats & that’s what is happening now on earth directly or indirectly. People say something & do something else… fence is consuming the crop… at the conjunction of 2-yugas with further social upheavals & constant disturbances & deterioration of morality, Vishunu is to appear as chastiser of opressors.

Very few realize the fact that in ancient India, women occupied a very important position, in fact a superior positon to men.… The Sanskrit term Shakti is the only word used to indicate power & strength & it’s a feminine gender which denotes that all male power comes from the feminine. However, the degradation of morale saw the opposite effect. Sri Vishnu came to earth when the morale was its lowest. Both Pandavas & Kauravas were just tools/pawns like how fire is used to clear the sugarcane field to plant sugarcane again to bring sweetness into earth. The war between the Kurus was to rid the earth from evil where the morale had deteriorated so much that the women & children were used/abused mercilessly, sold like goods & innocents were suffering without a cause. Trying to undress Draupadi in the saba became the main cause of Mahabharata war, like how Sita’s abduction was the cause of Ramayana & Madurai, the capital of Pandyas was burnt because Pandyan Nedunchezhiyan mistakenly killed her husband on theft charges.

With the end of Kaliyuga {age of darkness}, the creation completes a full circle, so does the human brain, then there is no more potential growth that’s when he becomes the slave of the machine & equipments. That’s when Sri Vishnu will come to uphold the dharma & put the brightness to humanity & keep the cycle going. Righteousness is here to stay as it’s the very nature of man, sadly due to various influences man turns unrighteous conquered by greed. Thanks to the illogical thinking of few evil minds & unscrupulous behavior of few more, fellow human (the entire creation) has lost the dignity in both living as well as in death. Sadly, it’s a pattern spread across the Yugas… which is enhanced many folds in this day & age.

Wonder if Lord Vishnu going to be born in Israel or in India? Wherever it is, the final belief of the humanity is going to be Sanatana Dharma because it is not a religion but a way of life which teaches harmonious living which is the secret of life itself. Religion is just a manmade mambo-jambo… creating confusion… I left the bed to write what I could remember before I lost track of it…. I knew that I am not qualified enough to be part of Lord Vishnu’s birth. But I can dream of anything I want & will my dream come true? I want to be reborn as my own great-granddaughter… as a Sanskrit scholar. Will I remember my past then?

`12*A world founded upon 4-essential human freedoms. The freedom of speech & expression, freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, freedom from want & freedom from fear.

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