Mirror mirror on the wall…..Coffee (2/9)

Who grows the best coffee of them all??…………….. Always there is a question which country produces the best coffee in the world… it’s hard to say… it’s like who grows the best tea or basmati rice? Basically all the three can be grown anywhere provided you have the basic requirement such as enough land/paddy field, water & sun light to grow!! It’s like a baby who can grow up in an orphanage, on the street, normal home or in a palace. The baby surely would grow into an adult with the same anatomical built & features. But definitely the quality of the baby particularly mental stability depends upon how much love & care the baby really got & what kind of role model the baby had. That love & care is the climatic condition & altitude, & the role model is the farmer/planter along with the fertility of the land for all the three products. Mental stability is the taste of the product. Then again who gets to taste all the coffees or teas in the world? Even if you get to taste, can you really pin point the taste? After all we are human & have our own limitations. It’s strange yeh? We are so used to aping everything; we have lost the essence of everything. For example same TV channel will show so many adds of a particular product (eg: shampoo) one will end up wondering which one is really good? Like some times when we watch the fashion show we wonder who is really going to wear all these strange clothes…. But still everyone will be ha-hooving the malnourished models with skimpy cloths!!

There are many things which decide the taste factor of any particular produce. Taste of the coffee also depends on the quality of the manure we use too. But the main factor is the climatic conditions. Like the hapoos i.e. alphonso the king of mangos, no one can beat the taste from Rathnagiri in terms of sweetness, richness & flavour right? Let us use our common sense & think. Why Kodagu with a geographical area of 4,102 km2 (1,584 sq miles) is the second largest coffee producer in the country? Hum… Kodagu almost has the perfect climate & topography to grow coffee so there you have the answer. Coffee is supposed to be less acidic than beer, fruit juices or carbonated water. … have a coffee on me.

Sadly artificial manure & pesticides have not only killed the taste & insects but also effecting our health. More & more unknown diseases are increasing.

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